About the Center for Neural Interfaces:

The Center for Neural Interfaces was founded in 1995 as a Utah State Center of Excellence. The current focus is on the integration of biomedical technology with the physiological aspect of neuroscience and potential clinical applications. Chronically or acutely implantable neural interface devices based on the Utah Electrode Array are tested and used in the nervous system for recording or initiating neural signals, which may assist with sensory or motor functioning. The mission includes:

    • Developing multichannel interfaces to the nervous system
    • Evaluating the safety and efficacy of these interfaces in animal experimentations
    • Using these devices to extend knowledge in the field of parallel information processing by the nervous system
    • Applying these devices to problems of the human nervous system
    • Developing new therapeutic approaches to disorders of the nervous system
    • Training students in the use of these devices for further applications in either academic or commercial environments.