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Karel  Dusek

Phone: 420 296 809 297
Office: Prague, Czech Republic

Karel Dusek

Professor of Macromolecular Chemistry , Czech Rep.
Associate Professor of Physics, Charles University, Prague
Adjunct Professor, Bioengineering
State Prize of Czechoslovakia, 1988.
Silver medal of Charles University, 1978; Silver medal of City of Paris, 1990; Doctor Honoris Causa, Wroclaw Polytechnic University, 1997; Heyrovský Medal for Merits in Chemical Sciences, ASCR, 2000; P.J. Flory Polym
Ph.D. from Institute of Physical Chemistry, Czechosl. Academy of Sciences 1958
DSc. from Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences (CSAS) 1971



Current Research

Formation, structure and properties of polymer networks
Biohybrid polymer gels, structure and properties

Selected Publications

Chivukula P, Dusek K, Wang D, Dusková-Smrcková M, Kopecková P, Kopecek J, Synthesis and characterization of novel aromatic azo bond-containing pH-sensitive and hydrolytically cleavable IPN hydrogels. Biomaterials 2006 Mar;27(7):1140-51