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Agnes E Ostafin

Phone: 801-581-3413
Office: EMRO316

Agnes E Ostafin

Associate Professor in Materials Science and Engineering
Adjunct Associate Professor in Bioengineering
Adjunct Associate Professor, Bioengineering
University of Minnesota
Wayne State University



Current Research

Nanoprobes for biological imaging
Drug delivery
Bone repair and nutrient transport
Cytoskeleton architecture and function
Scanning probe microscopy of biological membranes and polymer surfaces

Selected Publications

Chen YC, Han KB, Mizukami H, Wojcik A, Ostafin A, Fade and quench-resistant emission in calcium phosphate nanoreactors. Nanotechnology 2010 Nov 12;21(45):455701

Chen YC, Ostafin A, Mizukami H, Synthesis and characterization of pH sensitive carboxySNARF-1 nanoreactors. Nanotechnology 2010 May 28;21(21):215503

Lee CW, Chen YC, Ostafin A, The accuracy of Amplex Red assay for hydrogen peroxide in the presence of nanoparticles. J Biomed Nanotechnol 2009 Oct;5(5):477-85