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Mike  Kirby

Phone: 801-585-3421
Office: 3466 MEB

Mike Kirby

Professor of Computer Science
Adjunct Associate Professor of Mathematics
Adjunct Professor, Bioengineering

Current Research

My research focus is on large-scale scientific computing and visualization, with an emphasis on the scientific cycle of mathematical modeling, computation, visualization, evaluation, and understanding. My current research interests within bioengineering consist of the modeling and simulation of ECG, drug diffusion and ion channels.

Selected Publications

McDaniel JM, Varley KE, Gertz J, Savic DS, Roberts BS, Bailey SK, Shevde LA, Ramaker RC, Lasseigne BN, Kirby MK, Newberry KM, Partridge EC, Jones AL, Boone B, Levy SE, Oliver PG, Sexton KC, Grizzle WE, Forero A, Buchsbaum DJ, Cooper SJ, Myers RM, Genomic regulation of invasion by STAT3 in triple negative breast cancer. Oncotarget 2017 Jan 31;8(5):8226-8238

Geneser SE, Hinkle JD, Kirby RM, Wang B, Salter B, Joshi S, Quantifying variability in radiation dose due to respiratory-induced tumor motion. Med Image Anal 2010 Jul 14;:

Wang D, Kirby RM, Johnson CR, Resolution strategies for the finite-element-based solution of the ECG inverse problem. IEEE Trans Biomed Eng 2010 Feb;57(2):220-37