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Jarmila  Janatova

Office: 2258 MEB

Jarmila Janatova

Selected Publications

Yang X, Janatova J, Juenke JM, McMillin GA, Andrade JD, An ImmunoChip prototype for simultaneous detection of antiepileptic drugs using an enhanced one-step homogeneous immunoassay. Anal Biochem 2007 Jun 15;365(2):222-9

Yang X, Janatova J, Andrade JD, Homogeneous enzyme immunoassay modified for application to luminescence-based biosensors. Anal Biochem 2005 Jan 1;336(1):102-7

Ardehali R, Shi L, Janatova J, Mohammad SF, Burns GL, The inhibitory activity of serum to prevent bacterial adhesion is mainly due to apo-transferrin. J Biomed Mater Res A 2003 Jul 1;66(1):21-8

Ardehali R, Shi L, Janatova J, Mohammad SF, Burns GL, The effect of apo-transferrin on bacterial adhesion to biomaterials. Artif Organs 2002 Jun;26(6):512-20

Fowers KD, Janatova J, Specific inhibition of C3 to facilitate general complement inhibition on endotoxin affinity sorbents for apheresis applications. Biomaterials 2001 Jul;22(13):1749-61

Janatova J, Activation and control of complement, inflammation, and infection associated with the use of biomedical polymers. ASAIO J 2000 Nov-Dec;46(6):S53-62

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Lin YS, Hlady V, Janatova J, Adsorption of complement proteins on surfaces with a hydrophobicity gradient. Biomaterials 1992;13(8):497-504

Janatova J, Cheung AK, Parker CJ, Biomedical polymers differ in their capacity to activate complement. Complement Inflamm 1991;8(2):61-9

Cheung AK, Parker CJ, Wilcox LA, Janatova J, Activation of complement by hemodialysis membranes: polyacrylonitrile binds more C3a than cuprophan. Kidney Int 1990 Apr;37(4):1055-9

Cheung AK, Parker CJ, Wilcox L, Janatova J, Activation of the alternative pathway of complement by cellulosic hemodialysis membranes. Kidney Int 1989 Aug;36(2):257-65

Janatova J, Reid KB, Willis AC, Disulfide bonds are localized within the short consensus repeat units of complement regulatory proteins: C4b-binding protein. Biochemistry 1989 May 30;28(11):4754-61

Cheung AK, Parker CJ, Janatova J, Analysis of the complement C3 fragments associated with hemodialysis membranes. Kidney Int 1989 Feb;35(2):576-88

Shigeoka AO, Gobel RJ, Janatova J, Hill HR, Neutrophil mobilization induced by complement fragments during experimental group B streptococcal (GBS) infection. Am J Pathol 1988 Dec;133(3):623-9

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