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Patrick  Kiser

Patrick Kiser

Adjunct Associate Professor, Bioengineering
Ph.D., Duke University, Materials Science
M.S. Chemistry; University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
B.S. University of Wisconsin-Madison


Bioactive Polymer Systems, HIV Prevention Science, Women

Current Research

Well into its third decade, the global HIV/AIDS epidemic continues to proliferate within communities that do not routinely practice safe sex. The need to quell the global pandemic has prompted a twenty year global effort to develop pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) technologies that women and men can use to prevent sexual transmission of HIV. The technologies are designed to interfere with one or more steps of the lifecycle of any sexually transmitted infection, and in particular HIV. Our lab applies controlled and triggered drug release principle to the design of antiviral drug delivery systems. Building upon my background, we now have a large number of methodologies and collaborators we can draw on to study and attack these problems, which range from basic virology, materials design and synthesis, to development of new drug delivery systems for early first in humans studies.

We are currently working on projects that range from new materials discovery that could lead to new advanced reproductive health technologies, to the development of new assays and technology to evaluate PrEP modalities, to sustained delivery system projects for both antiviral and contraceptive agents. Several of these projects are developed enough to begin pushing toward the clinic with the help of our collaborators and colleagues at the non-profit Contraceptive Research and Development Organization (CONRAD), The Population Council, Imquest Pharmaceuticals, Albert Einstein University and at the Centers for Disease Control.

Selected Publications

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