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Kenneth L. Monson

Phone: 801-585-5191
Office: Rio Tinto Kennecott Mechanical Engineering Building (MEK) 1155

Kenneth L. Monson

Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Adjunct Associate Professor, Bioengineering


traumatic brain injury biomechanics; vascular mechanics and mechanotransduction

Selected Publications

Nye KS, Converse MI, Dahl MJ, Albertine KH, Monson KL, Development of Mechanical and Failure Properties in Sheep Cerebral Arteries. Ann Biomed Eng 2017 Apr;45(4):1101-1110

Bell ED, Donato AJ, Monson KL, Cerebrovascular dysfunction following subfailure axial stretch. J Mech Behav Biomed Mater 2017 Jan;65:627-633

Nye KS, Esplin MS, Monson KL, Umbilical cord artery mechanical properties at various gestational ages. Am J Perinatol 2015 Feb;32(3):263-70

Bell ED, Sullivan JW, Monson KL, Subfailure overstretch induces persistent changes in the passive mechanical response of cerebral arteries. Front Bioeng Biotechnol 2015;3:2

Thakkar D, Gupta R, Monson K, Rapoport N, Effect of ultrasound on the permeability of vascular wall to nano-emulsion droplets. Ultrasound Med Biol 2013 Oct;39(10):1804-11

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