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Yan-Ting  Shiu

Yan-Ting Shiu

Research Associate Professor of Internal Medicine
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Bioengineering
1990-1994, B.S., Chemical Engineering, National Taiwan University
1994-1999, Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, Rice University
1999-2001, Postgraduate Researcher, Bioengineering, University of California-San Diego


Hemodialysis vascular access, Vascular dysfunctions in chronic kidney disease, Vascular devices, Medical imaging and CFD analysis of blood flow, Vascular extracellular matrix and medical imaging of blood vessel walls, Vascular cell and molecular biology,

Current Research

Performance of a successful hemodialysis procedure requires a functional vascular access, which is a surgically-created blood conduit and the site on the patient’s body where blood is removed and returned during dialysis. Unfortunately, these conduits often fail and vascular access dysfunction is a major cause of morbidity and hospitalization in the hemodialysis population. No clinical therapies are currently available to significantly prevent or treat vascular access dysfunction. There are three main forms of hemodialysis vascular access: (1) the native arteriovenous fistula, (2) the synthetic arteriovenous graft, and (3) the cuffed double-lumen catheter. Each form has its own specific problems leading to failure. Dr. Shiu’s Research Laboratory is devoted to laboratory and clinical research related to understanding the pathophysiology of hemodialysis vascular access failure, and developing novel approaches to increase vascular access longevity and function.

Academic Bio:
Dr. Shiu's research work draws from her engineering talents and strong knowledge in vascular biology and medicine. Her laboratory conducts both clinical research and laboratory research (using experimental and computational techniques) related to (i) hemodialysis vascular access, (ii) vascular dysfunctions and pathomechanics in patients with chronic kidney disease, (iii) the cardiorenal syndrome, and (iv) mechanobiology of vascular cells. Dr. Shiu has received research funding as a PI from the National Institutes of Health (R01), Department of Veterans Affairs (Merit Review), Western Institute for Biomedical Research, American Heart Association (National Program’s National Innovative Research Grant and Western States Affiliate’s Beginning Grant-in-Aid), National Kidney Foundation of Utah & Idaho, Whitaker Foundation (Biomedical Engineering Research Grant), and University of Utah Research Foundation and as a key senior co-investigator in several NIH R01, R21, R15, and K01 grants. She also has received research funding from the industry.

Dr. Shiu’s teaching experiences include both classroom teaching and research mentoring in clinical and basic science studies. Dr. Shiu has a broad technical skill set and can effectively deliver materials in a broad range, from chemical engineering and biophysics to molecular cell biology. Her laboratory has been active in training undergraduate and graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. Since 2002, Dr. Shiu has served as a chair or member of over 40 masters and doctoral thesis research supervisory committees and as an advisor of over 20 senior theses and Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program Grants at the University of Utah. Dr. Shiu is an active and enthusiastic participant in the research community.

Dr. Shiu’s professional external service has included reviewing journal manuscripts, grant proposals, book chapters for many journals, funding agencies and publishers, as well as organizing and moderating podium presentation sessions at regional and national scientific conferences. In particular, Dr. Shiu has reviewed manuscripts for over 20 journals ranging broadly from engineering and biophysics to biomedical sciences, and has been a member of the American Heart Association Peer Review Committees. Dr. Shiu has served as a member of the Biomedical Engineering Society Affiliations Committee, as well as the Research Advisory Committee in the Department of Internal Medicine and the School of Medicine Admissions Committee at the University of Utah.

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Selected Publications

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