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4 Sample Biomedical Engineering Plan of Study

Here is a sample plan of study, a plan few students follow exactly but a useful starting point for planning. The best order of classes will depend on the needs of the student and the Undergraduate Advising can assist in selection of courses. Note: many students use the summer semesters for courses in the Sciences and Math and for the Gen Ed requirements. Descriptions of Bioengineering Department courses can be found at

Fall Semester Spring Semester
Course # Title Hrs Course # Title Hrs
Freshman Year
BIOEN 1101 Funds of Bioeng I 3 BIOEN 1102 Funds of Bioeng II 3
CHEM 1210 General Chemistry I 4 CHEM 1220 General Chemistry II 4
CHEM 1215 General Chemistry Lab I 1 CHEM 1225 General Chemistry Lab II 1
MATH 1270 Accel Eng Calc I$^{(1)}$ 4 MATH 1280 Accel Eng Calc II$^{(1)}$ 4
WRTG 2010 College Writing 3   Gen Ed Elective 1 3
Total   15     15
Sophomore Year (Spring Entry in Program)
BIOEN 2000 Careers in Biomed Eng 1 BIOEN 3301 Computational Methods 3
BIOL 2020 Cell Biology$^{(2)}$ 3 BIOEN 3091 Current Research in BME 1
CHEM 2310 Organic Chemistry I 4 BIOEN 3101 Biosignals Analysis 3
CHEM 2315 Org. Chem I Lab 2 PHYCS 2220 Physics for Scientists II 4
MATH 2250 Diff Eq/Lin Alg 4   Gen Ed Elective 2 3
PHYCS 2210 Physics for Scientists I 4      
Total   18     14
Junior Year
BIOEN 3202 Physiology for Engineers 4 BIOEN 3801 BME Design I 3
BIOEN 5101 Biosystems Anal./Model. 4 BIOEN 5301 Biomaterials 4
BIOEN 3070 Statistics for Eng$^{(3)}$ 3 BIOEN 4200$^{(4)}$ Bioengineering Research 1
  Engineering Track 1 3   Engineering Track 2 3
  Gen Ed Elective 3 3   Gen Ed Elective 4 3
        Amer. Institut. Elective 3
Total   17     17
Senior Year
BIOEN 4801 BME Design II 3 BIOEN 5001 Biotransport/Biomol. 4
BIOEN 4201 BME Project I 2 BIOEN 4202 BME Project II 2
BIOEN 5201 Biomechanics 4   Engineering Track 5 3
  Engineering Track 3 3   Gen Ed Elective 5 3
  Engineering Track 4 3   Gen Ed Elective 6 3
Total   15     15
Grand total         126


4.1 Additional Notes

As an alternative to this math sequence, students may take MATH 1250 and 1260 or the three-semester calculus series MATH 1210, 1220, and 2210.

Students who have not had AP Biology in high school (with a score of 4 or 5) should take BIOL 1210 as a prerequisite to BIOL 2020.

Math 3070 is an acceptable replacement for BIOEN 3070. However, taking the Math edition increases the track class requirement for College of Engineering courses from 5 of 15 hours to 8 of 15 hours.

All students must take BIOEN 4200 least once before they begin the senior project (BIOEN 4201). Students may also repeat BIOEN 4200 up to once and apply that credit to the track requirements. Students who perform a research internship outside of the University of Utah or with a faculty mentor who is not a member of the Department of Bioengineering must seek prior approval for BIOEN 4200 and, upon completion, a grade from the Major Advisor.


4.2 Prerequisites

While there are many variations on the plan laid out above, there are some courses which must be taken in certain orders. Such sequences are aimed at ensuring suitable preparation for all students and more productive and fulfilling experiences in the intermediate and advanced classes.

The current set of prerequisites and class sequences among the BME core classes are as follows:
\item BIOEN 3301 Computational Methods: should be one of th...
...1 BME Project I is a prerequisite for BIOEN 4202 BME
Project II.


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