PI: Russell J. Stewart

Professor, Bioengineering

Adj Professor, Biology

Adj Professor, Material Science and Engineering

office: 506 C BPRB
phone: (801) 581-8581


Current Lab Members

Selected Publications

Biomimetic Underwater Adhesives
  • Mann, L.K., Papanna, R., Moise, K.J., Byrd, R.H., Popek, E.J., Kaur, S.,Tseng, S.C.G., Stewart, R.J. (2012) Fetal membrane patch and biomimetic adhesive coacervates as a sealant for fetoscopic defects. Acta Biomaterialia in press


  • Kaur, S., Weerasekare, G.M., Stewart, R.J., (2011) Multiphase Adhesive Coacervates Inspired by the Sandcastle Worm,  ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 3:941-944.

  • Stewart, R.J., Ransom, T.C., and Hlady, V. (2011)  Natural Underwater Adhesives. J. Polymer Sci. Part B: Polymer Phys.  49:757–771 (PDF)

  • Stewart, R.J. Protein-based adhesives and the prospects for their biotechnological production. (2011)  Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology,  89:27-33. (PDF)

  • Stewart, R.J., Wang, C.S., and Shao, H. (2011)  Complex coacervates as a foundation for underwater adhesives.  Advances in Colloid and Surface Science, 167:85-93

  • Shao H, Weerasekare GM, Stewart RJ, (2011) Controlled curing of adhesive complex coacervates with reversible periodate carbohydrate complexes. J Biomed Mater Res A, 97A:46-51

  • Winslow, B., Shao, H., Stewart, R.J., and Tresco, P.A.  (2010) Biocompatibility of adhesive complex coacervates modeled after the Sandcastle glue of P. californica for craniofacial reconstruction,  Biomaterials 31:9373-81

  • Shao, H., and Stewart, R.J.  (2010). Biomimetic underwater adhesives with environmentally triggered setting mechanisms. Advanced Materials 22:729-733. 

  • Shao, H., Bachus, K.N., and Stewart, R.J. (2009). A Water-borne Adhesive Modeled after the Sandcastle Glue  of P. californica. Macromol. Biosci. 9:464-471.  (PDF)

Sandcastle Glue
  • Wang, C.S., and Stewart, R.J. (2012). Localization of the bioadhesive precursors of the sandcastle worm, Phragmatopoma californica (Fewkes). J.Exp.Biol. 215, 351-361

  • Wang, C.S, Svendsen, K.K., and Stewart, R.J. (2010).  The adhesive system of the Sandcastle worm, in Adhesion Phenomenon in Nature.  ed. J. Byern and I. Grunwald.  Springer (PDF)

  • Endrizzi, B.J., and Stewart, R.J. (2009). Glueomics: An Expression Survey of the Adhesive Gland of the Sandcastle Worm.  The Journal of Adhesion 85:546-559. (PDF)

  • Stevens, M.J., Steren, R.E., Hlady, V., and Stewart, R.J. (2007). Multiscale Structure of the Underwater Adhesive of Phragmatopoma Californica: a Nanostructured Latex with a Steep Microporosity Gradient. Langmuir 23:5045-5049 (PDF)

  • Stewart, R.J., Weaver, J.C., Morse, D.E., and Waite, J.H.  (2004).  The tube cement of Phragmatopoma californica: a solid foam.  J. Exp. Biol.  207:4727-4734 (PDF)

Caddisfly Larval Silk
  • Ashton, N.N., Taggert, D.S., and Stewart, R.J. (2012). Silk Tape Nanostructure and Silk Gland Anatomy of Trichoptera,  Biopolymers,  published on-line 22 Sept 2011

  • Stewart, R.J., and Wang, C.S. (2010). Adaptation of Caddisfly Larval Silks to Aquatic Habitats by Phosphorylation of H-Fibroin Serines. Biomacromolecules11:969–974. (PDF)

Surface modification
  • Huang, G., Endrizzi, B.J., Hlady, V., and Stewart, R.J. (2008). Formation of Biofunctional Thin Films on Gold Electrodes by Electrodeposition of Poly(acrylamide-co-tyrosineamide). Macromolecules 41: 448-452. (PDF)

  • Endrizzi, B., Huang, G., Kiser, P.F., and Stewart, R.J. (2006). Specific Covalent Immobilization of Proteins through Dityrosine Crosslinks. Langmuir 22:11305-11310 (PDF)

Hybrid Hydrogels
  • Dusek, K., Duskova-Smrckova, M., Ilavsky, M., Stewart, R.J., and Kopecek, J. (2003).  Swelling pressure induced phase-volume transition in hybrid biopolymer gels caused by unfolding of folded crosslinks: a model.  Biomacromolecules 6:1818-1826

  • Wang, C., Kopecek, J., and Stewart, R.J.  (2001).  Hybrid hydrogels crosslinked with genetically engineered coiled-coil block proteins. Biomacromolecules 2:912-920.

  • Chen, L., Kopecek, J., and Stewart, R.J.  (2000).  Responsive hybrid hydrogels crosslinked with titin Ig-like domains.  Bioconjugate Chem. 11:734-740. (PDF)

  • Wang, C., Stewart, R.J., and Kopecek, H.  (1999).  Hybrid hydrogels assembled from synthetic polymers and coiled-coil protein domains.  Nature 397:417-420.