Welcome to the Deans Laboratory!

The body's natural ability to repair damaged and diseased tissue is not sufficient to prevent or remedy many affects of tissue damage. Our laboratory is interested in building synthetic biology tools for the purpose of gaining a better understanding of cellular function in both healthy and diseased tissue states. We use this information to develop new approaches for repairing damaged and diseased tissue by integrating synthetic biology with biomaterials. The natural multistep process of tissue regeneration requires an interplay between biological signals that control gene expression within differentiating stem cells, in addition to the constant remodeling of the extra cellular matrix as new tissue develops. Interfacing synthetic biology and biomaterials enables this dynamic process to be engineered to augment and promote the body's tissue regeneration capabilities.

The Deans Laboratory for Applied Synthetic Biology fosters a richly interdisciplinary research environment in which engineers, biologists, chemists, clinicians, computer scientists, and mathematicians can work together to solve difficult yet exciting problems.