Biomedical Engineering Undergraduate Advisor Spotlight: Heather Palmer
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Heather Palmer received her undergraduate degree in English and a masterís in communications with an emphasis in rhetoric and pedagogy, both from the University of Utah. Heather has been teaching since 2005 and advising since 2008. She really enjoys advising and she likes getting to know students and building relationships with them. She also helps students work through tough questions, such as how to maintain a work/life balance. Heather feels that advising complements her teaching skills and makes her teaching more personal.

When Heather is not advising or teaching, she likes to play outside in the warm weather and enjoys yard work, especially gardening and growing both vegetables and flowers. She likes to read, take walks outside and interacting with nature.

Heatherís cat, Tallulah.

Heather enjoys spending time with her husband and their two cats. She also likes traveling and recommends Arcata, Calif., as a great vacation spot where you can enjoy both the ocean and Redwood forests. Additionally, she is hoping to travel back to London in the near future.

Heatherís cat, Tommin.

When asked what piece of advice she would like all students to know, Heather replied, ďExperience college to the fullest while you can! The undergraduate experience is such a special time, as itís really the first time you have the freedom to make choices and learn things for yourself.Ē

The class schedule for 2019 is now available, as well as the registration dates for students. Freshmen, make sure to schedule your mandatory advising appointment to receive priority registration! Sophomores, juniors, and seniors Ė come in to see Heather to explore your options and make sure youíre on track to accomplish what you want to get done!