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David W. Britt

Phone: 435-797-2158
Office: ENGR 408, Utah State University

David W. Britt

Associate Professor of Biological Engineering, Interim Department Head, Utah State University
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Bioengineering
NSF-NATO Postdoctoral Research Fellow
USDA-NIFA Young Investigator Award
USU Eldon Gardner Teacher of the Year


Interfacial engineering: Biomaterials, biofilms, protein conformation and disease, self-assembly, nanoparticles and agriculture

Selected Publications

Bonebrake M, Anderson K, Valiente J, Jacobson A, McLean JE, Anderson A, Britt DW, Biofilms Benefiting Plants Exposed to ZnO and CuO Nanoparticles Studied with a Root-Mimetic Hollow Fiber Membrane. J Agric Food Chem 2017 Oct 2;:

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Dimkpa CO, Zeng J, McLean JE, Britt DW, Zhan J, Anderson AJ, Production of indole-3-acetic acid via the indole-3-acetamide pathway in the plant-beneficial bacterium Pseudomonas chlororaphis O6 is inhibited by ZnO nanoparticles but enhanced by CuO nanoparticles. Appl Environ Microbiol 2012 Mar;78(5):1404-10

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