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Jeffrey A. Weiss

Phone: 801-634-5442
Office: 2458 MEB

Jeffrey A. Weiss

Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering;
Adjunct Professor, Department of Orthopedics and School of Computing
ASME Van C. Mow Medal, 2013
Fellow, AIMBE, 2006-
Fellow, ASME, 2018-
ASME Y-C. Fung Award, 2002
NSF CAREER Award, 2002
PhD, Bioengineering, University of Utah, 1994
MS, Bioengineering, UC San Diego, 1990
BS, Bioengineering, UC San Diego, 1989


Experimental and Computational Biomechanics; Orthopedic Biomechanics; Mechanics of Angiogenesis; FEBio software project

Current Research

Research in the Musculoskeletal Research Laboratories focuses on the development and application of experimental and computational techniques to the study of musculoskeletal and cardiovascular cells, tissues and organs. A central theme of our approach to research is the use of multidisciplinary techniques to address research questions that would be impossible to investigate using approaches in a single technical discipline. Our laboratory also leads the development and support of the FEBio software suite (Finite Elements for Biomechanics,

Active Grants:
Targeting Collagen Mechanical Damage using Collagen Hybridizing Peptides (1R01AR071358)
FEBio: Finite Elements for Biomechanics (PI; NIH/NIGMS #R01 GM083925)
Neovessel Guidance in Angiogenesis (R01HL131856)
Mechanical Regulation of Vascular Growth and Remodeling (R01AR069297)
Population-Based Shape and Biomechanical Analysis of Hip Pathoanatomy (Co-i: NIH/NIBIB R01EB016701)

Selected Publications

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