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Colleen  Farmer

Phone: 801 581-4236

Colleen Farmer

BA Physics University of Idaho
PhD Physiology Brown University


Pulmonary fluid dynamics, cardiopulmonary physiology, evolutionary biology

Current Research

Work in my lab clusters around several foci pertaining to the evolution of the vertebrate cardiopulmonary system. One major aim is to understand aerodynamic valves in the lungs of vertebrates. The mechanisms underpinning the function of these valves appear to be Venturi effects and jetting, which arise from the arrangement of the bronchial tree, i.e., the tube diameters, branching angles etc. Unlike the mechanical valves in other parts of the body (e.g., leaflets of tissue such as in the outflow vessels of the heart or veins or the sphincters found in the gastrointestinal system), there are no moving tissues associated with these aerodynamic valves. We are developing computational fluid dynamic models as well as using experimental manipulations to understand the mechanisms and physiological importance of these valves. A second focus of the lab is application of knowledge gleaned from structure-function studies of extant animals to better understand the biology of extinct animals.

Selected Publications

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