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Aiello KA, Ponnapalli SP, Alter O, Mathematically universal and biologically consistent astrocytoma genotype encodes for transformation and predicts survival phenotype. APL Bioeng 2018 Sep;2(3):

Oakes PW, Bidone TC, Beckham Y, Skeeters AV, Ramirez-San Juan GR, Winter SP, Voth GA, Gardel ML, Lamellipodium is a myosin-independent mechanosensor. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2018 Mar 13;115(11):2646-2651

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Zhang D, Bidone TC, Vavylonis D, ER-PM Contacts Define Actomyosin Kinetics for Proper Contractile Ring Assembly. Curr Biol 2016 Mar 7;26(5):647-53

Bidone TC, Kim T, Deriu MA, Morbiducci U, Kamm RD, Multiscale impact of nucleotides and cations on the conformational equilibrium, elasticity and rheology of actin filaments and crosslinked networks. Biomech Model Mechanobiol 2015 Oct;14(5):1143-55

Tang H, Bidone TC, Vavylonis D, Computational model of polarized actin cables and cytokinetic actin ring formation in budding yeast. Cytoskeleton (Hoboken) 2015 Oct;72(10):517-33

Bidone TC, Tang H, Vavylonis D, Dynamic network morphology and tension buildup in a 3D model of cytokinetic ring assembly. Biophys J 2014 Dec 2;107(11):2618-28

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Diekjürgen D, Grainger DW, Drug transporter expression profiling in a three-dimensional kidney proximal tubule in vitro nephrotoxicity model. Pflugers Arch 2018 Sep;470(9):1311-1323

Falconer JL, Alt JA, Grainger DW, Comparing ex vivo and in vitro translocation of silver nanoparticles and ions through human nasal epithelium. Biomaterials 2018 Jul;171():97-106

Abou-El-Enein M, Grainger DW, Kili S, Registry Contributions to Strengthen Cell and Gene Therapeutic Evidence. Mol Ther 2018 May 2;26(5):1172-1176

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Fortunato A, Grainger DW, Abou-El-Enein M, Enhancing patient-level clinical data access to promote evidence-based practice and incentivize therapeutic innovation. Adv Drug Deliv Rev 2018 Nov - Dec;136-137():97-104

Moss R, Sachse FB, Moreno-Galindo EG, Navarro-Polanco RA, Tristani-Firouzi M, Seemann G, Modeling effects of voltage dependent properties of the cardiac muscarinic receptor on human sinus node function. PLoS Comput Biol 2018 Oct 10;14(10):e1006438