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    Feel Like Moving To The Mountains?
    We are Hiring!!!

    The Department of Bioengineering invites applicants for two new tenure-track openings at the rank of Assistant Professor. Seeking applicants in all areas of Biomedical Engineering with post-doctoral experience. To Apply: Click Here

    #1 Hot Startup Cities That Aren’t San Francisco or New York – Entrepreneur

    #1 10 Best Midsize Cities for College Graduates – MyLife

    #4 Best Cities for Young Professionals – Forbes

    #5 Top 10 Best Downtowns – Livability

    #5 Most Bicycle-Friendly States – BikeLeague.org

    #4 Lowest Unemployment Rate in America – U.S. BLS

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    Hallpike-Nylén Prize Winner

    Prof. Rabbitt is internationally recognized for his work on the neurophysiology of the inner ear vestibular organs and is developing new technologies to measure the biophysical properties of excitable membrane proteins and exo-endocytosis in cardiac myocytes and inner-ear hair cells. To learn more: Click here…

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    Underwater Adhesives – inspired by nature

    Prof. Stewart studies the natural underwater adhesives of marine sandcastle worms and freshwater caddisfly larva with the goal of creating synthetic, water-borne, underwater adhesives. For more see Prof. Stewart’s page

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    Our Students are Simply Awesome

    View short videos and read about our exciting student experience, Click here…

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    Synthetic Biology

    Prof. Deans is combining synthetic biology and materials science to engineer bioinspired microenvironments for stem cell maintenance and proliferation that catalyze the development of cell-based therapies for disease. For more see…

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    Beyond Excellence

    Dave Grainger's research group seeks to improve patient integration of implanted medical devices using antimicrobial approaches, cells and matrix-derived biomaterials, and on-board local drug-release technologies to modulate tissue-implant. Prof Grainger's group

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    National Academy of Engineering Member (2003)

    A Distinguished Professor of Bioengineering and Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry Dr. Kim's pioneering works covers a broad range of biomaterials including hydrogels, biodegradable drug conjugates, self-regulating drug delivery systems, and stimuli sensitive polymers.  To learn more see: Prof. Kim’s group

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    Neuromodulatory Therapies

    Prof. Chuck Alan Dorval’s team aims to improve existing neuromodulatory therapies and devise novel neural interventions using electrophysiological recordings, computational neuroscience and neuronal information theory. For more see Prof. Dorval’s page

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    Engineering New Therapeutic Approaches

    Prof Kopecek is internationally recognized and one of the true pioneers in drug delivery developing biomimetic macromolecules as targetable delivery systems for anticancer and antiinflammatory therapies, and new biomaterials. For more see: Prof. Kopecek's group

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    Device Design

    Working closely with clinicians and other researchers, Prof. Bob Hitchcock’s team identifies unmet clinical needs and creates new medical device technologies and designs in the fields of catheter design, infection prevention, imaging, biosensors and tissue engineering. Meet Prof. Hitchcock’s team.

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    A Bio-Innovation Center

    The James L. Sorenson Molecular Biotechnology Building marks the beginning of a new era of interdisciplinary translational research between medicine, engineering, pharmacy, business, law, and digital media. Bioengineering Department At a Glance

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    Prof. Michael Yu’s research group pioneered a new peptide-based collagen targeting strategy which is being developed into new biotechnology in disease detection, tissue engineering and targeted therapy. For more see Prof. Yu’s page

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    A Closely Knit Community

    Nestled into the Wasatch Mountain range, the Department’s new home (foreground) is located next to the University Hospital & School of Medicine (upper left) – providing a clinically immersive educational experience that is unique among BME training programs. Center for Medical Innovation

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    Ultrasonic Bioinstrumentation

    Graduate students in Distinguished Professor Doug Christensen's lab design and test new ultrasonic bioinstrumentation. Visit Prof. Christensen's U Profile

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    Cellular Remodeling in Heart Disease

    Prof. Frank Sachse’s lab applies high-resolution confocal microscopy, image analysis and computational modeling to gain insights into cardiac cells and their remodeling in heart disease. For more see: Prof. Sachse’s page

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    Computational Anatomy

    Prof. Joshi focuses on development of specialized mathematical and computational tools for the precise study of anatomical variability and the application of these tools for improved medical treatment, diagnosis and understanding of disease. See Prof. Joshi’s page

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    Tissue Engineering

    Prof. Robby D. Bowles’ lab is developing therapeutic strategies to treat patients suffering from back pain. They use a combination of tissue engineering, gene delivery, and immunomodulation to alter disease progression, which affects both the function of the spine and pain felt by the patient. For more see Prof. Bowles’ page

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    The Future of Drug Delivery

    Internationally recognized researcher, Professor Ghandehari, leads a team on the cutting edge in the development of novel approaches for gene delivery, water-soluble polymers for targeted therapy and nanoconstructs for controlled chemical delivery. For more see: Prof. Ghandegari’s group

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    Vaccine Development

    Prof. Susan Bock's lab works in the areas of protein structure, function and design, and is currently trying to modulate flu immunity through the modification of vaccine antigens. For more see Prof Bock's home page

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    Prof. Weiss' lab laboratory focuses on developing and applying experimental and computational methods, primarily in the area of biomechanics, to address research questions in musculoskeletal science and cardiovascular mechanics. For more see Prof. Weiss’ page


 - The Department of Bioengineering invites applicants for two new tenure-track openings at the rank of Assistant Professor. We are seeking applicants in all areas of Biomedical Engineering with post-doctoral experience. To Apply:  Click Here
 - Presented by Omid Veiseh, PhD, Friday February 12, 11:45 am, 2650 SMBB (Auditorium)  Read More...
 - Presented by Luke Xie, Wednesday February 17, 11:50 am, 2230 Warnock Engineering Building  Read More...
 - For the second time this year, the University of Utah’s Department of Bioengineering graduate program was ranked second in the nation, according to a survey of students  More Information...
 - As part of The 2015 Outstanding Staff and Teaching Awards from the University of Utah’s College of Engineering, Heather Palmer received the Outstanding Staff Award. Congratulations Heather!  More Information...
 - Former and current U bioengineering students Mitch Barneck, Ahrash Poursaid, and Nate Rhodes, as well as health sciences student Martin de la Presa, who have formed Veritas Medical LLC, took second in the graduate student category of the Collegiate Inventors Competition.  More Information...